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Scenic Aquarium (Download Only)

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This listing is for the download only of the Scenic Aquarium.  No disc will be shipped, however, if you do decide to purchase the Blu-ray disc in the future, we will credit the download price. 

This download contains all seven scenes in both 720p and Full Blu-ray quality 1080p .M4V format, suitable for Apple TV, Roku and all home media players.  There are multiple audio tracks, which due to how audio options show up in various players will show as "English" (usually nature sounds or 2.0 sound), "French" and "German" (variations of surround sound). There is no talking on these tracks. The names are simply due to the requirements of the audio format


BluScenes Scenic Aquarium
Blu-ray disc is the second installment in the bestselling BluScenes Aquarium Blu-ray series, featuring seven brand new aquarium tanks filmed with a focus on ambient light -- for an aquarium experience that is more colorful and relaxing than ever before.


The seven aquarium tanks were designed and maintained by leading and award-winning coral and freshwater aquarists, and painstakingly color-graded by BluScenes. BluScenes Scenic Aquarium blu-ray disc includes three brand new Coral Reef Aquarium tanks, an Oscars Tank, African Cichlids, a Frontosa and Cichlid lace rock tank, and a tranquil Discus aquarium.

Produced with the newest in 1080p native natural light sensors, with 5.1 Dolby Digital and 7.1 DTS-HD MA audio, enjoy BluScenes Scenic Aquarium by playing one scene, playing all scenes or looping them infinitely. Additionally, you can play each scene with or without music, ambient aquarium sounds or both.

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