Maker of colour management solutions. 

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Hello possible customer.

I set up this page as a trap for people searching for pirated copies of our products.  

If you like our discs enough to go searching for pirated copies, then I highly suggest you just buy them. It's a lot less hassle and you are 100% guaranteed that it will work now and in the future.  Our discs are not an expensive piece of software created by a big company.  Our downloads are available with "pay what you want pricing."  The fact that we are offering this deal proves that more people are willing to pay something fair than take it for free.  

Pirating our discs is hurting the little guys.  Compared to other popular entertainment options (restaurants, bars, movies, concerts) our discs are pretty cheap, and it's a one time only cost. Buy our products and they are yours to use forever. 

Also, you should be careful when looking around on torrent sites. Often they will infect your computer with viruses and/or spyware. 

There are firms that want nothing more than to sign us on as a client to pursue damages on our behalf.  We don't do it because we prefer not to.  If you receive a letter from such a firm, please let us know, because they are not authorized to pursue claims on our behalf.  Anyway, who knew that going after pirates could be so lucrative?  I could be posting from a chaise lounge in Florida!!!  I don't need to be sitting here in NJ typing to you!

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