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"FINALLY...Someone Got It Right!, May 19, 2010
For over 15 years I have been an avid fish tank enthusiast, owning both freshwater & saltwater tanks in my home. But when I made the transition from a house to an apartment, there was simply no more room for the hobby. So as an attempt to fill the void, over time I purchased 3 different "fish tank DVD's". But for various reasons, I was completely dissatisfied with them ALL. I guess my biggest gripe (besides them not being in HD resolution) were the unpredictable mix of camera shots. Like when the video would suddenly "zoom in" to a specific section of the tank...or start following a single fish around the tank...or suddenly switch into "slow-motion"! *UGH* (Some "Fireplace DVDs" do this same type of film mixing, which I find equally as irritating). But then, I found this "Bluscenes" video fish tank, and for the first time, I was NOT disappointed.

There are 3 different saltwater tanks on this DVD, but the first one is worth the price in itself (IMO). This tank has a little bit of everything...a massive variety of colorful living corals, a nice scattering of different anemones (a Clownfish's best friend), and of course a good variety of popular marine fish. The actual `tank' is noticeably a bit longer than what was actually filmed (this was obviously the only way it could be filmed so the tank's "height" would fit perfectly on the 16/9 aspect ratio of a widescreen TV), so you will sometimes see a new fish swim in and out of the video, which in a way, helps keep it a bit more "fresh". This track also includes a little "lunch break" in the middle, and a big "feeding frenzy" at the end. :o

Some may not prefer the smaller number of fish in these tanks, but I know from experience there is a good reason for this. Less fish allows them to be stress-free & healthy, and a healthy fish, is a happy fish, which enables them to act "naturally". Dumping a huge stock of say, 40+ fish, in this tank would noticeably stress them all out, (especially the territorial ones), and would cause some of them to even stay deeply hidden within the coral. The ocean is a pretty big place, and saltwater fish are not as accustomed towards being in small/crowded areas (as compared to freshwater fish). (Ever notice how uncomfortable people get in a jam-packed elevator?) But the fish in this tank have plenty of "elbow space", err..."fin space", which enables their true natural characters to come through. The fish in these tanks are obviously very healthy & happy.
* 3 "professionally set-up" saltwater tanks, all filmed in 1080p HD with a simple "single shot" angle. (No annoying close-ups, panning around, or slow motion shots).

* Has an important "Play All" or "Loop" option. (Allows you to play all 3 tanks in a row *each a 20 minute long track*...or play an endless/seamless loop of a single tank.

* Has both "Music" and/or "Water" sound options. (The `water only' is in 2.1, the `music only' has the option to be played in 5.1 surround, and the `music & water' has a 7.1 surround option.

* The 1080p resolution will look AWESOME on any big HDTV with an HDMI cable. (Unrelated Note: LCD TVs will generally be more "brighter & vivid" than Plasma TVs...while Plasma TVs will not "wash-out" at different viewing angles like LCDs).

* Filmed with a state-of-the-art "RED ONE 4k" HD digital camera. (I learned that this is a "Cinema Grade" HD digital camera, which when fully accessorized cost over $40,000).

* I wish the 3 tanks were much longer than just 20 minutes each. This is obviously not a deal-breaker, but for the avid fish enthusiast who can easily just sit and watch fish for over 1-hour at a time, it's a pretty big downside knowing that your only watching a 20-minute loop.

This is a great video fish tank at a very good price, and I highly recommend it. Play this video in a darkened room, and your guests will love it!! Of course, this fish tank will not be in "true 3-D" like a real fish tank. But then again, this video won't cost you literally "thousands" of dollars to set-up and maintain either. Nonetheless, if your like me and still wish this video was a real fish tank, just do what I do and sprinkle some fish flakes on top of your TV and use your imagination. :)"
-G. Mitchell, Denver, CO 

"I just received this from [...] and it is beautiful! I have it on a 37" TV with an HDMI cable so I am getting 1080p and it is very relaxing. I used to relax with ocean waves and beaches but the bright light of the day actually kept me from feeling sleepy! So I got this virtual aquarium dvd and my tv lets me set up all kinds of color combinations so that I can get the screen bluish and darkish so that the bright light doesn't keep me up anymore than I have to be. Since I have snorkled in Hawaiian waters and have seen the little fishies (pacific ocean anyway) closeup, I can agree with another reviewer who said that the colors of saltwater fish are truly THAT vivid and bright as it is on this Blu Ray dvd.

I also enjoyed the Space DVD, and the fireplace blu ray - I have 2 other fireplace dvds and this one is good in that you can adjust the size of the flames.

Very enjoyable and more than worth the money!!!"
-Leeakiko, Vienna,VA

"Just what I was looking for! Changing scenes of tropical fish in High Def (1080P)"
ChuckyG Chicago, IL"

"A Marine tank in your living room, without the hassle. . .
This blue ray is great quality, it really feels like you have a fish tank in your living room. It looks awesome on my 50" plasma.

Would recommend you buy this blu ray if you want a great real marine fish tank experience.

All tank scenes are great and you can have music, music and tank noise or just tank noise, either way its great.

Get it and fool your friends that you have the new slimline tank...."
-Mr. N. S. Cant, England

Great Screensaver + Living Room Art. . .
I bought the set of 3 from the website during a sale got all 3 for $15 shipping included.
The full set is Aquarium, Fireplace, Space (planets, etc.). All of them are high quality.
Just realize it is what it says it aquarium - it's not a's a fish tank.
A beautiful, clear, clean fish tank with very pretty fish.

55" TV sets look great while you are watching them but when you aren't there's a lot of really black dead space in your living room. This dresses up the space while you aren't watching cable or a movie. It is very peaceful - has music and bubble sounds that you can listen to or not. Options are Music + Bubbles - Bubbles - Music - No sound at all.

I am very glad I got this particular aquarium screensaver.
It would also be perfect for a doctor's waiting room or business foyer.
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